Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Book Published

I have not written here much at all. But the good news is I am now a published author. The book has nothing to do with hunting though. It is a children's book titled, "Why People Should Be Like Trees." The book is about the virtues of trees and why those virtues should be shared with children.

My love of the outdoors provided me with the inspiration to write the book. Back in November of 2007 as I was sitting in the woods contemplating about what was going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, I was looking around admiring the various types of trees. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if people got along as well as trees did. Here in the woods were numerous species of trees of all different sizes, living peacefully together.

I started thinking about how I could relay this idea to young children. I pulled out a business card from my wallet and started jotting down some notes. When I got home, I threw the business card with my list of notes written on it in my desk.

In February of 2009, I came across my notes and decided to work on a project to compose a children’s book. I completed the project in March, submitted the manuscript to Tate Publishing, and received notification in April of 2009 they would publish my book.

The book was officially released August 9th. If you are interested in obtaining a copy for a young child you know, please visit my website at www.craigcribbs.com. Remember, Christmas will be here soon and this book would make a wonderful gift.

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